Company Profile

Gifting Ideas is a solutions driven gifting organization. Our mission is to simply make gifting easier.

We are one of the largest corporate gifting companies in the country and we  offer seasonal gifts to last-minute gifts, desktop gifts to outdoor gifts, small quantities to large quantities and trophies, leather articles, electronics, technical gifts etc.

Our forte is reliability.

With over 5000 products in our beautiful gifting catalogues, including an additional 300-600 new products every year we bring you the widest variety of gifts to choose from. For the brand- conscious customer, there are over 80 brands that we offer. We are also the authorized Indian representatives for some of the largest international names in the corporate gifting industry such as XD Design (Holland), Midoceanbrands (Spain), Lexon (France), Xindao (Holland), Prodir (Switzerland), Koziol (Germany), Hugo Boss (Germany) and several others.

We are based in Mumbai and with a team of over 60, we are constantly leveraging our potential to source from all over India, Asia and Europe to benefit our customers. Our team comprises of in-house graphic designers, a dedicated procurement team, operations, marketing, sales and HR departments.

The Gifting Ideas team is driven with passion to go beyond the ordinary. We offer an end to end gifting solution, which means we not only provide the gift required but also provide solutions for its design, printing and packaging. So if you need a gift . . . you are at the right place!!


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